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  • Registration for the event is exclusively on the Défi de Monte-Cristo registration platform, from 16 October 2023 at 12 noon.

    Anyone wishing to participate in the event agrees to register beforehand by creating a profile on the Monte Cristo Challenge registration platform.
    For this purpose, the participant must fill out a form and accept without reservation the general conditions of sale. The participant undertakes to provide only sincere information relating to his identity.

    Each participant must create their profile associated with a unique email address and choose the races they wish to participate in. You can't register a third party to a race by being on your profile.

    Each swimmer can only be entered once in the same event. Multiple entries from the same person on the same race are prohibited.

    All registration is individual, personal, and final.

    No swim cap transfers are allowed for any reason.
    Any person who surrenders his swim cap to a third person will be held responsible in case of accident occurred or caused by the latter during the event.
    The organiser accepts no responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation.

    Payment by credit card is mandatory when registering online. No registration by phone or mail will be taken into account. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail. For any request or complaint regarding registration, please contact us by email at .

  • To participate in the event, you must be at least 14 years old.

    All swimmers who does not respect the age categories may not compete in the events in question.

    All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult, they will be required to ensure the correct information relating to their minors (data communicated, presentation of identity documents, medical certificate and parental authorization)

    Legal representatives of participants under 18 years of age on the day of the race, must download and upload on the registration platform the parental consent as soon as possible and no later than 26 April 2024.

    The parental authorization must be dated less than 8 months on the day of the event and the model is available here.

    The organization reserves the right not to accept the document if it is not valid.


    To validate your participation, it is MANDATORY AND ESSENTIAL to download BEFORE 26 April 2024 ON YOUR PROFILE a medical certificate or a license (depending on your situation: Swimmer WITH fins/ Swimmer WITHOUT fins).



  • Bibs must be removed upon presentation of the following:

    - Registration confirmation with QR code (printed or on your phone)
    - ID

    The bib collection is done exclusively in the dedicated area of the village of the event in Marseille, the exact times and place will be communicated later.

    If the participant does not have the documents mentioned above on the day of the race, the organization reserves the right, for security reasons, to refuse the delivery of the bib, without the participant being able to request any compensation in this regard.

  • Competitors participating in the Coupe de France de natation must follow the rules of the ffn.

    Competitors who take part in races with fins can compete with equipment whose characteristics are free: all types of fins, snorkels, suits, glasses or mask are allowed. 

    Are prohibited : swimming pads, pull-buoy, swimming board and headphones.

    Competitors who take part in races without fins can compete with equipment whose characteristics are free: all types of snorkels, combinations, glasses or masks are allowed. 

    Are prohibited : fins, swimming pads, pull-buoy, swimming board and earphones are prohibited.



  • All swimmers must respect the starting point of the races. The chateau d'If  (starting point for 5k & 6k races) and îld Degaby (starting point for 3.5k race) must be respected and treated properly. It is strictly forbidden to throw away your waste, to urinate on the island, ect…

    Departure is subject to the authorization of the autonomous port of Marseille. Port traffic remains a priority. As a result, the organisation reserves the right to request at any time that lagging swimmers still located in the port traffic zone to board the boat for safety reasons.

  • The maximum time allowed to complete the 6 K course is 2h45.

    The maximum time allowed to complete the 5k course is 2h30.

    The maximum time allowed to complete the 3.5k course is 1h45.

    The maximum time allowed to complete the 2.5k course is 1h20.

    The maximum time allowed to complete the 2k course is 1h.

    The maximum time allowed to complete the 1k course is 45min.


    Race management reserves the right to remove participants from the water if they swim too slowly and endanger the safety of the race. (The swimming time relative to the start time allows the race direction to assess the time remaining for swimmers based on their geolocation).

  • It will be possible to leave your personal belongings free of charge at the village locker. 
    Changing rooms are also available on the village.


    The organization can not be held responsible in the event of theft of personal effects that would not be deposited in deposit, in the event of burglary or theft of vehicle in the vicinity of the site which remain under the personal responsibility of the participants.

  • Civil liability: in accordance with the legislation in force, the Organiser has taken out insurance covering the financial consequences of its professional civil liability.


    Individual accident: It is recommended that unlicensed participants take out an individual accident insurance policy.


    The Organiser shall not be liable for any damage (theft, breakage, loss, etc.) suffered by the participants' personal property. Participants may therefore not turn against the Organizer for any damage caused to their equipment. The subscription of an insurance guaranteeing these risks is the responsibility of each one.

  • If circumstances so require, the Organiser reserves the right to modify at any time the route, the position of the refreshments and timekeeping points, to postpone the date and/or times of the event, to stop the current event, cancel it or set up a fallback route.

    Any modification of the race route imposed by safety conditions may be implemented by decision of the organizers. They cannot be held responsible for this modification, and no refund can be required in case of modification of the course for security reasons. 

    Should the event be cancelled or postponed for any reason beyond the control of the Organizer presenting the characters of force majeure as defined by the Civil Code and by French jurisprudence (decision of the competent administrative authority, bad weather, health reasons such as pandemic or epidemic, security reasons or public order, ...), no compensation of any kind can be requested from the organization.

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