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In the heart of Marseille, on the beach of Roucas-Blanc, the village of Monte-Cristo welcomes participants and the many spectators in a unique setting.

Since almost 20 years, the village reborn every year to offer a good quality of service in an pleasant space, correct for the competition : cloakroom for men & women, free lockers, showers, toilets, a nursing tent, a tent refueling for the after race, as well as the usual spaces of organization : space registrations, space restoration & bar, space relaxation in the shade ...

The village also offers comapnies wishing to associate their name or brand with the competition, significant visibility in an ideal place to communicate.







It will be possible to leave your bag free at the deposit of the village.


Changing rooms are also at your disposal on the village.




Le Défi de Monte-Cristo will offer you a restaurant solution in the village from 11am to 7pm.




Our partner MAKO, offers you the possibility to rent a combination for your event of the Monte-Cristo Challenge! The perfect opportunity to discover their range of products.

2 types of possible rental:

- Model GENESIS Women ou GENESIS Male

Ideal for beginners, the GENESIS is an excellent combination that offers optimal gliding, comfort and thermal comfort. 

Datasheet :  GENESIS Women ou GENESIS Male

Purchase price:  229€

Rental price: 30€ on Défi de Monte-Cristo

- Model OWP Women ou OWP Male (FINA approved high-end model) 

This combination was developed to meet the needs of the “pure” swimmer. This product offers incredible freedom of movement and a very natural flotation distribution. Thus, all the sensations of swimming are preserved.

Datasheet : OWP Women ou OWP Male

Purchase price :  440 €

Rental price : 60 € on the Challenge of Monte-Cristo


For combination rental during the Challenge, please book at : specifying:

- Desired combination model

- the day or days of rental

- Your height and weight

French brand because based in Rennes (35), MAKO is for 11 years the specialist of neoprene suits whether for triathlon, swimming in open water or swimrun.

MAKO also has a very nice range of swimwear, swimming accessories that you can discover during the Défi de Monte-Cristo.

In the meantime, visit the MAKO website:

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